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Sabtu, Agustus 04, 2007

Artwork Using Computer (Corel,Adobe blah,,blah,,)

Character (Not Monster Enough)

Hope Someday my artwork become a magazine..Who know?

What I'Ve Done?Stupid kid!Not bad for the newbie isn't it?hehe..

Simple Design

just Have fun with corel /another section tryin to make a vector,heyya so ugly hiks i'm still newbie..

It is just for fun session using a computer and my proccesor might be slow down because i running out of the memory usage!uffhh i need a brand new proccesor!would you give it to me??=D

Here's the car for a digibatle van, doh i have no idea to costumized it!but heyyyy maybe i can change it into............(say the magic word!!!)alakazam hauhausa mak mbrojol ndusndus sniff!!!!!!!!!Walah heres the result!

Heheh,look so dope isn't it??It is for digibatle van by mr Pope in tembokbomber forum (i love TB) i called this ; war on public transport!you die if you dont pay,so hurry get your money and pay!yea,,,,the route is Sarijadi -Ciroyom (name of place in Bandung-Indonesia) =D it's hard competition because everyone modified and costum the car with 
a futuristic style,but look mine!hehee...

Here's another one!another war public transport with route Margahayu-Ledeng,be carefull you guys...hehehh

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