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Sabtu, Maret 29, 2008

finally i got these picture! he2 its mudik time @ Solo Central JAva feat all of my brother, fiu thanks for solo writer for the spot..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yes! it full of fun session

Kamis, Februari 07, 2008

Jumat, Februari 01, 2008

hllo everybody, i learn a new technique for vektorized... so far i liked it! how about you?

comin soon dude! my fkin bnd!!!!

still untitled.....

Rabu, Oktober 03, 2007


Hmm thanks to all my frien who really appreciate my work...heres some shirt i made,
if u want to order, anything just contact me =)
actually i'm not expert in to make a good shirt but sometimes, simple is kill =)
(what i'm sayin??? heheh just endjoy and hope you like it..

title : experimental Poni Versus MoiZ

Hoodie Sound Of Tourism Sweater

Title : Sound Of Tourism Shirt

Title : Lievo

Detail Of Lievo

Title : Jackass Root of Evil

Detail One

title : the buta

:The Buta BackSIde


section using aerosol.. graff, stencil, throwie, tagging blah...blah...blah...

e for initial me

zoom vision

My brother ask me to help him do the artwork class, dope no idea hehe.. so i made some stencil without computer, i just draw and stencilized , hihi nice moment....
Poni X Emon (On Canvas)

undone (need lil touchy for finishing =)


another section using crap pc

betrayed suck
trust your friend and loose a relationshit!


suferring sorrow

my ex wifey


ex wifey

Sabtu, Agustus 04, 2007



Artwork Using Computer (Corel,Adobe blah,,blah,,)

Character (Not Monster Enough)

Hope Someday my artwork become a magazine..Who know?

What I'Ve Done?Stupid kid!Not bad for the newbie isn't it?hehe..

Simple Design

just Have fun with corel /another section tryin to make a vector,heyya so ugly hiks i'm still newbie..

It is just for fun session using a computer and my proccesor might be slow down because i running out of the memory usage!uffhh i need a brand new proccesor!would you give it to me??=D

Here's the car for a digibatle van, doh i have no idea to costumized it!but heyyyy maybe i can change it into............(say the magic word!!!)alakazam hauhausa mak mbrojol ndusndus sniff!!!!!!!!!Walah heres the result!

Heheh,look so dope isn't it??It is for digibatle van by mr Pope in tembokbomber forum (i love TB) i called this ; war on public transport!you die if you dont pay,so hurry get your money and pay!yea,,,,the route is Sarijadi -Ciroyom (name of place in Bandung-Indonesia) =D it's hard competition because everyone modified and costum the car with 
a futuristic style,but look mine!hehee...

Here's another one!another war public transport with route Margahayu-Ledeng,be carefull you guys...hehehh


I like used my digital cheap camera to get a random picture.So, sorry if the quality of the image seems blurry sometimes.Yea it's fun to get a people picture and also wierd lightning and natural weather

Bandung Night View

I called it Home..

I've been to carnaval last week and look what i got??some great Pic...=)

A three kid with a ridicoulous face and also nice hat!


revolusi till die!!!!!!

afternoon jakarta bay city

Another Photograph

Here's Some Picture i took..Yea i just used my cheap digital camera!so sorry if the quality of my picture seems so blurry sometimes,anyway it's fun to get a people picture with their expression,or some natural light and weather.....


revolusi till die!!!!!!

afternoon jakarta bay city